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Planning Assistance

Village of Croghan

Community Development Plan 2011


Snow Belt Housing Company, Inc. is working with the Village of Croghan through their Planning Committee to develop a Community Development Plan to reflect the community’s values based on a shared vision of where residents want to go and what things they value.  Recognizing the connections between development and quality of life, the Plan makes recommendations reflective of citizens’ recommendations.  The Community Development Plan was undertaken to identify and examine Croghan’s community development needs.  It specifies goals and objectives that pull together and builds upon previous and current initiatives.


The spirit of cooperation still exists in Croghan and the Village has maintained its close-knit, small town atmosphere.  The residents of the Village of Croghan have a long history of stepping up and pitching in when they are needed.  For more than a decade, the Village and its citizens have been thinking about and Forming the Foundation of their Future.  Local residents appreciate and support their businesses and the business owners’ work together to help the community.  The Village possesses a relatively intact downtown with a well-defined central business district that contains a good mix of housing, retain, and service businesses.


While this Community Plan addresses Croghan’s population growth, changes in employment composition, commercial activity, and the demand for decent, affordable housing, its emphasis is on the results of a process that engaged the community in planning to:  specify goals, objectives and strategies to achieve its redevelopment efforts; prioritize community projects; development project timelines for completion; and identify funding sources to implement these projects.  A vision of the future and a number of potential concrete steps emerged from the work of the Planning Committee and the community.


The Village of Croghan is at a development crossroads.  In many respects, the last two decades have not been kind to Croghan.  Century old ways of life had to change.  The reliable forestry and farming sectors faltered.  Industries grew and then declined.  While the Village is perceived to have many recreational activities (the recreational park and ice rink were highlighted), again, the uncertain future of the Croghan Dam is a problem affecting recreational options.  ATVs and snowmobiles are using the wrong roads and undersigned areas.  Improving trails for walkers and cyclers offer additional opportunities.


A hard copy is available at the public library and the Village office.


To have a copy emailed to you, please contact Snow Belt Housing at (315) 376-2639.



Town and Village of Turin

Community Development Plan 2011


Snow Belt Housing Company, Inc. is working with the Town and Village of Turin through their Join Planning Board to develop a Community Development Plan.  The first step was to take the pulse of the community.  Together with the Joint Planning Board, a confidential questionnaire was prepared and mailed community-wide to gain the public’s perceptions of conditions and potential issues to be explored. 


An issue that has persisted since 1981 is the economic vitality of the Town and Village of Turin.  Turin’s 30-year-old Land Use Plan acknowledges that the community does not meet all the commercial and business needs of its residents.  Instead, people drive 15 minutes to Lowville for major shopping, health care, and other services.  Due to Turin’s proximity to Utica and Watertown, the decline in commercial activity and physical condition can be attributed to, at least in part, increased mobility by car.  Today, the only businesses in the community area are a downhill ski facility, two restaurants, and three motels.  The area’s existing business composition inhibits Turin’s economic vitality; contributes to higher vacancy rates and the deterioration of downtown buildings; and provides few opportunities for residents to support their local economy.

To account for Turin’s changes in population, vagaries in employment, limited commercial activity, and a growing demand for decent, affordable housing, a Community Development Plan will allow Turin to identify and examine its community development needs.  Once known, the Turin Community Development Plan will specify goals and objectives that result in activities that are likely to provide a benefit to its low to moderate-income residents, and improve the community’s commercial district.

Turin and its residents, businesspersons, and other stakeholders have maintained considerable interest in planning for the future development of the community and are vitally interested in preparing a Community Development Plan that can help them effectively and efficiently address Turin’s needs, and achieve its goals.  A significant intent of the new plan is to coordinate the various disparate efforts into a single unified community plan.

A hard copy is available at the public library as well as the Town and Village offices.


To have a copy emailed to you, please contact Snow Belt Housing at (315) 376-2639.