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New EPA Lead Rules



The EPA has ruled that contractors who perform renovation, repairs, and painting must train and re-certify in lead-safe work practices before renovating older housing. These strict new EPA rules took effect April 22, 2010.


New certification is required for all home improvement activity that disturbs more than 6 square feet of interior or 20 square feet of exterior lead paint in homes, child care facilities and schools built before 1978.


Questions about the new rules can be found with their answers here:


Find information directly from the EPA at this address:


Note:  The “Renovate Right” pamphlet is already being provided by Snow Belt Housing directly to homeowners during the pre-construction meetings and the homeowner's sign an acknowledgement stating they received this information for our files.


Environmental Education Associates offers the training in Lead Renovators Certification Initial, $195.  One worker has to be a Certified Renovator.  Each company, sole proprietor, or corporation involved in lead activities must be certified and ensure that at least one Certified Renovator is utilized at each job site.  Other workers who have previously completed lead hazard control certification, have to take a 4-hour refresher course (Lead Renovators Certification Refresher, $135).  The classes are offered in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse.  A new worker would have to take the Initial Certification course.  The owner of the company can also obtain a Firm License, $300 approximately, so the owner is responsible for the lead training of his/her own employees for ALL lead projects.  If you are interested in the Firm License, Snow Belt Housing has a copy of the Firm License application at their office.


Snow Belt Housing will need a copy of your new Certifications of Firm Licenses once completed in order to remain on our Approved Contractor List.

If you have questions regarding these new rules, please contact Michelle (Rehabilitation Coordinator) at (315) 376-2639.